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Thread: Edward Keith Abbott US Army Intelligence Analyst S3 MI Brigade Schofield Barracks Hawaii

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    Edward Keith Abbott US Army Intelligence Analyst S3 MI Brigade Schofield Barracks Hawaii

    Another great insider thanks to Linda Moulton Howe

    Edward Keith Abbott US Army Intelligence Analyst who served at S3 MI Brigade Schofield Barracks Hawaii

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    He claims he was told:

    The ETs studying our souls. Apparently they can't contain it in anything and don't understand how it links into our bodies

    We are the 5th technological civilization on this planet, when the other 4 didn't work out for them they wiped the slate clean. They've been here for 500 million years.
    They don't understand our souls, earth is a 'school' were we repeatedly reincarnate to learn.

    Humans are too warlike they might wipe us out again. If we don't go the right way they want us to become more spiritual and advance.

    We have a communication channel with the ETs based in Hawaii, some can speak their dialect.
    The US has a space force.

    The Iraq War was solely to get very ancient technology there, they retrieved the artifacts which can protect us from the ETs.

    We made an agreement with them to exchange humans for technology and promising we wouldn't go back to the moon.
    They use cattle to grow hybrid embryos. Hybrids are walking amongst us and we can't tell the difference.
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    Not exactly a bullseye but very close to one. The KEY to most of this drama comes down to two things…TIME and the SOUL.

    Great find as always Longeyes.

    One more thing to add about the soul and time. Time is not a forward and backward phenomena consciousness works this way and the soul is the key to understanding.
    We control matter because we control the mind. Reality is inside the skull.
    ~ George Orwell ‘1984’

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