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Thread: Betty and Barney Hill - The Original Abduction Case

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    It was definitely another Era. A friend of mine that I work with frequently who is African American was a 'military brat' in New Hampshire in the early 1970's. When she and her brothers and sisters were young, people would ask if they could touch their hair or their skin. They didn't mind. She says they felt like little celebrities. They knew it was curiosity and that it wasn't malicious. Most people born in New Hampshire had never seen anyone like them. At the beginning of the civil rights period the newspapers in New Hampshire said that there were maybe a dozen in a population of just under a million.I am sure that anyone who knew about them at the time could probably tell you how many lived in which town.

    Our neighbor across the street, named (I swear I'm not kidding) Farmer Twiss, had rarely been more than 15 miles from his home in 90 years. He plowed his field with oxen. The State Capitol was 20 miles away and he had only been there on business a very few times. Otherwise, he had no reason to go the The City, he had "already seen it." This was the environment in which Betty and Barney Hill were revealing their experience.

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    There's something to that. NH during those times was sort of the Appalachia of New England? (Frost, not so much earlier, had described the Hampshoids as "hugger-mugger farmers") although I'm not sure what this adds to the study of the Hills' encounter. Hahahahaha
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    Barrack and Michelle Obama are producing a Netflix film about Betty and Barney Hill!!!

    As a continuation of their partnership, Netflix is developing another production from former US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama with their Higher Ground Productions. This new feature film is reportedly called White Mountains and will be based on the true story of Barney and Betty Hill, a couple in the 1960s who claimed to have been abducted by a UFO.

    The film will be written by the writing duo of Becky Leigh and Mario Kyprianou, who wrote the 2014 movie The Republic of Rick. The story has had several adaptation attempts in recent years, but they never came to fruition until Netflix stepped in.

    Netflix’s White Mountains is set to be produced by Barack and Michelle Obama with Tonia Davis under Higher Ground Productions.

    Here’s what else we know about Netflix’s White Mountains:

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