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Thread: Military News

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    Military News

    Navy Deploys 2nd Aircraft Carrier to Gulf

    April 09, 2012
    Associated Press

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - - The U.S. Navy says it has deployed a second aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf amid rising tensions with Iran over its nuclear program.

    Cmdr. Amy Derrick-Frost of the Bahrain-based 5th Fleet said on Monday that the deployment of the nuclear-powered USS Enterprise along with the Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group marks only the fourth time in the past decade that the Navy has had two aircraft carriers operating at the same time in the region.

    More here:

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    "These are the voyages of the Enterprise?"

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    Saw that on the news. They claimed it, "has nothing to do with what is going on with Iran".

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    Peaceful manuvers.
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    False Flag Carrier Enterprise Now In Place

    By Zen Gardner
    April 9, 2012

    Would the US military really sacrifice its own to start a war with Iran? Would the US really be complicit in attacks on its own citizens to get into lucrative wars and gain access to precious natural resources?

    If this sounds outlandish to you all you have to do is read. And read.

    The USS Enterprise that just arrived in the Persian Gulf, nicknamed the “Big E”, is scheduled to be decommissioned after this last tour of duty.

    A very expensive endeavor, especially since this was the very first nuclear powered vessel.

    It’s reminiscent of the old warships left in Pearl Harbor as the newer ones left just prior to the attacks, or the ultra-expensive asbestos removal scheduled for the Twin Towers before their timely demise.

    They like to kill many birds with one carefully planned stone if you haven’t noticed. They also need something spectacular to jar public opinion and an aircraft carrier can sustain a lot of very visible, dramatic damage without sinking to once again shock the dumbed-down American sheeple.

    It will also be reminiscent of WW2 which brings up all that subconscious war programming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epo333 View Post
    False Flag Carrier Enterprise Now In Place

    One doesn’t need much evidence to make a trial in the court of public opinion… but in criminal court, one has to prove intent.

    This video did not make its case on intent, only on suspicion. While I find it interesting with the video’s suspicion of the US, Iran was not even held accountable for the hypothetical attach on the Enterprise. That speaks volumes on the video’s beliefs and perspective… it is the US’s fault for Iran’s attack on a US war ship in international waters. Therefore, the video’s belief is that Iran has no responsibility with any of its decisions in the matter.

    Well, it’s their viewpoint, they are entitled to it.

    Mmm, yes, very curious, very interesting...

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    CVN-65, USS Enterprise
    5,828 (maximum)
    Ship's company: 3,000 (2,700 Sailors, 150 Chiefs, 150 Officers)
    Air wing: 1,800 (250 pilots, and 1,550 support personnel)

    Sensors and processing systems: AN/SPS-48 3D air search radar, AN/SPS-49 2D air search radar

    Electronic warfare and decoys: AN/SLQ-32 Mark 36 SRBOC
    Armament: 2 × NATO Sea Sparrow launchers, 2 × 20 mm Phalanx CIWS mounts, 2 RAM launchers

    Armor: 8 in (20 cm) aluminum belt (equivalent to 4 in (10 cm) rolled homogeneous steel armor), armored flight deck, hangar, magazines and reactors

    Aircraft carried: Hold up to 90, 60+ (normally)

    She is not a toy and still very, very lethal. A False Flag? I don't think so.......I think what we are seeing is the USA getting into position because Bebe has given us a possible Go Date! If Iran strikes back at the two US Carrier Groups in the Gulf, they will be met with overwhelming fire power. Round the clock sorties from Carrier based aircraft and Cruise missles from the Support Group will rain tremendous destruction on Iran. There is more fire power with those two Carrier Groups than Iran can possibly imagine. I do not want to see another War, but we seem to be on a collision course with this one.
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    I pray for the sake of our innocent men and women in uniform this is wrong.

    But I have a question on any attack that may occur. Does not Russia have radar jamming in place so as to jam any radar that can assist Israel in an attack?
    The US might not attack but it could provide intel. If radar is jammed, that drops the information to a disadvantage.

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    All I can say is, "They have a way around that."
    This isn't poetry, this is the language of reality.

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    Good to know.

    I was not surprised to see attacks continue in Syria despite the "cease fire" agreement. Refugees in to Turkey have risen from 100 per day to 700 per day. So many Syrians are fleeing that Syrian troops have begun to fire in to Turkish refugee camps on Turkish soil. This may escalate if they do not stop. I would not like to piss the Turks off. Historically they are very brutal warriors. Also, if they get involved, the Middle Eastern "spring" will have expanded exponentially. Not good.

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