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Thread: 11:11 Crop Circle

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    11:11 Crop Circle

    This crop circle appeared at Lurkeley Hill near East Kennett, Wiltshire on August 17, 2010. While there are several theories as to what it means (including that it could be a hoax), what I find fascinating is how many seem to relate to it somehow. On that website, one of the authors, Joe Mason says, "My view is that the crop formations, UFOs/ETs, etc., are related to the collective unconscious, and similar messages come in dreams."

    It does seem that, whomever or whatever is making the crop circles, they do know how to tap into (at least) our personal unconscious. Hopefully, we will be able to draw it out of there and decipher it.
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    Ones that are real, suspect codes for use to decipher. Warning, new energy and so-on.

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    How do you know wich one are real then?

    I have looked to a few dozen crop circles for a while, but never could really make something significant from it :P.

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    Saw a recent TV program that claimed some crop circles paralleled actual magnetic emanations from the earth.
    Unseen by the eye, but measurable with proper instruments.
    Could some crop circles simply be electromagnetic manifestations?
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    Ah ha!

    Is this how crop circles are formed???


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    Quote Originally Posted by epo333 View Post
    Ah ha!

    Is this how crop circles are formed???

    I knew it! A crazied kitty!

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