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Thread: Bullock Mutilations, St Tudy, Cornwall: May, 2012

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    Bullock Mutilations, St Tudy, Cornwall: May, 2012

    Thanks to Phil Hoyle ( for the heads up on this. He is investigating and hopefully more information will be available in the next few days and weeks.

    "Cornwall cattle found mutilated and killed

    Three bullocks have been killed on a farm in a series of brutal attacks - with two apparently hit with a hammer and one having its tongue cut off.

    Farmer Tony Weaver, from St Tudy in Cornwall, is offering a £2,000 reward in an attempt to catch the attackers.
    The bullocks have been attacked at Penhale farm over the past three weeks.

    Post mortems showed two animals had been attacked with a blunt instrument and Mr Weaver said he thought one of them may have had a bullet wound.

    Police are investigating the attacks.

    Mr Weaver, 55, said the first animal was found dead in a field with a "bullet wound or damage to its skull just above its eye".
    Ten days later another animal was found with seriously damaged shoulder and died in the night.

    A few days later a third animal was attacked and its tongue had been cut out."
    Read More -
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    I have not been seeing Mutilation reports lately from anywhere but the UK. I wonder if what we are seeing is localized or if reports from elsewhere are being suppressed or ignored.

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    It's hard to say, Doc. It could be just a 'reporting phenomenon', for example the media in Cornwall are likely to be keeping an eye out for these type of stories following the dramatic reaction to the Horse mutilation cases earlier this year.
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    APFU are a solid research body, IMHO.

    Kernow does need tourists, being ignored by our centralised form of government.

    This doesn't look like anything Linda Moulton Howe would report on.


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    BTW Doc,

    there's a few cases in the UK in recent years.

    is a good starting point.

    This guy has done some good groundwork :

    Some of the videos he charges for are available via sneaky googling ...


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    Thanks Lee for the alert. I can confirm that there are media reports on this case too. And I just thought that I could rest for a while I will definitely give a closer look to this sad subject again. It seems that we can't escape from these cases. Thanks Lee for the leads and on your continuing efforts on this.

    As this is again in the center of our attention, I have now also reactivated download link for my previous audio clippings for those who maybe missed the compilation (in my previous thread).

    Stay tuned.
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    Dear colleagues.

    Project UFOEarClip
    Title: Cattle Mutilation in Cornwall
    Released: July 25, 2013

    Audio Download link:
    33 Mb)

    Please note: The purpose of this collection is not to provide any speculations, but to provide data and facts for further research and future generations.

    This is the sequel to my previous compilation titled "Horse Mutilation in Cornwall".
    Short reminder: On January 10, 2012 it was reported on BBC Radio Cornwall that a horse has been mutilated and killed in Stithians in west Cornwall. The incident was a part of a media wave that lasted several days on local BBC Radio stations. The event caused intensive and strong reaction of local community on Facebook, Twitter and over different radio programs. At the time, even the investigating officer Chris Strickland commented that he had received more calls from the public about this case than any other in his 24 years as a policeman. For anyone who missed that previous compilation set, I have reactivated the link, so you can download that previous audio clipping album here:
    Mutilation in Stithians was just one of the cases from the mutilation wave of January 2012 in UK. Thanks to reports and clippings posted over my mailing list at the time, story was even reported on Coast to Coast, broadcast at January 26, 2012:

    As I said, this is the sequel to that previous audio compilation. This time, on May 3, 2012, BBC reported that three bullocks have been brutally mutilated on a farm in a north Cornwall. Farmer Tony Weaver offered a £2,000 reward in an attempt to catch the attackers.

    Event caused a one day media cycle on BBC Radio Cornwall. As my obligations increased during that period, this time it took me more then a year to finalize the extraction of those audio clips. Now they are preserved for the historical record and research purposes. Approximately, 19 hours of audios were processed and approximately 22 men hours were invested in this project. I had to process manually every show and to edit and extract audios with mutilation references. Every audio file is nicely tagged. Some audio pieces have references that are not always directly connected with mutilations, but they are preserved for the sake of continuity. You can import all audio files at once as a playlist in Windows Media Player if you start the playlist file in a root folder named:

    Please note: Without archiving and clipping process, these audios would be lost forever. The purpose of this collection is not to provide any speculations but to provide data and facts for further research and future generations.

    This is the guide for the shows and folders that you will get after download:


    MAY 03, 2012
    BBC Radio Cornwall - James Churchfield Show - May 03, 2012 / 06-09h
    BBC Radio Cornwall - David White Show - May 03, 2012 / 09-12h
    BBC Radio Cornwall - Laurence Reed Show - May 03, 2012 / 12-15h
    BBC Radio Cornwall - Tiffany Truscott Show - May 03, 2012 / 15-18h

    - Weather Satellites


    After I finalized this compilation, I spent some time to check were there any aftermath cases. Too my surprise, waves continued. Also take a special notice at other cases in May 2012. You can also see rising pattern where cattle owners are offering reward in an attempt to catch perpetrates. So far, guilty party or parties were not identified.

    Of course, it is hard to tell the exact nature of all those cases. However, those are some of the other cases reported on BBC (you can find them within folder "04.Other Cases Reported on BBC"):

    March 28, 2012 - Horse stabbed in Keynsham field near Bristol

    May 04, 2012 - Horses attacked in Stoke-on-Trent

    May 08, 2012 - Pregnant horse mutilated in Gate Burton (family offered a £1,000 reward)

    September 22, 2012 - Horse slashed in Cornwall (BBC: Insp. Dave Meredith of Devon and Cornwall Police warned other horse owners to step up checks on their animals after the "horrific and tragic incident". He said: "This is a great shock to the whole community and Devon and Cornwall Police are doing everything we can to detect the offenders. We have a series of loosely linked incidents, not only in Cornwall but throughout the force area and elsewhere." The incident follows other attacks on horses, including the mutilation of a stallion in Stithians in Cornwall in January.)

    November 29, 2012 - A sheep mutilation in Perthshire in which the animal's organs appear to have been surgically removed.

    March 26, 2013 - Horse found mutilated in Swanston Livery Yard, Edinburgh

    May 16, 2013 - A horse was found dead in the Darndale Park area of Dublin with a number of injuries to its body yesterday. It was disemboweled and had its ears cut off and anus cut out. An animal rights protection group is offering a €5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for a vicious attack on a horse.

    Unfortunately, I have only now noticed those other cases, so if they were ever reported on BBC radio stations, those audios are now lost forever. At least, those articles are part of this compilation so the history could be preserved.

    Compiled and Edited by:
    Giuliano Marinkovic
    July, 2013

    Previous Releases 1998-2013:

    The Outpost Forum Index and Compilation:

    Coming in near future: Audio Clippings of 9th and 10th batch of UK UFO Documents
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