Welcome to the TOP 'Image Processing Center'. Please use the following steps if you wish to submit an image, video or case file for analysis.

- Check that your image is not already under discussion by browsing the boards and/or using the search feature at the top right hand side of the main page.

- Choose a thread title which clearly represents your image, video or case file. This will make it easier for researchers who wish to use the boards as a resource in future.

- Original images are essential for a thorough analysis. Always attempt to supply an original unprocessed image or, in the case of analogue, a negative (scan) along with the photograph.

- Try to include all relevant information, such as; Camera make and model, number of witness', description of events, etc. Date, time, location and direction are equally important as they can reveal sun/star positions and other useful data.

- In the case of digital photography it might be useful to provide an additional, non ufo, image for use as a 'control'. Daylight images of the sighting location are especially useful in the case of a night shot.

- If you are submitting on behalf of a third party, and if at all possible, contact the witness and invite them to join the discussion.

Notes on how to upload images or video:

Contact our staff and image specialists directly at submissions@TOP (This is the best way to submit an unaltered original digital image, as many online image hosting services will strip away invaluable EXIF data.)

There are numerous free online file sharing services, a few of which are included below. If you are unsure how to use these services feel free to contact a member of staff or one of our image specialists.