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Thread: FOIA: Opening the Door to the Blue Room

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    FOIA: Opening the Door to the Blue Room

    Newyorklily posted this important FOIA record at The Outpost Forum Facebook Group. It is long and detailed and worth reading:



    "Things “blue” are often secret and they are often associated with flight and with aerospace. Military blue has always signified importance and authority. Blue reminds us of the sky and it is the color of the Air Force. “Have Blue” was Lockheed’s Skunk Works secret code name for prototype Stealth. “Blue Book” was of course a USAF UFO study. But it is the notorious “Blue Room” at Wright Patterson where it is said by some that extraterrestrial artifacts are stored. This is a place where the tangible truth about what the US Government really knows about flying saucers resides. Often times things that change us forever appear from out of the blue- and the contents of the Blue Room will surely do just that. This is because a recently discovered official document offers conclusive proof that the US Air Force has been forced to admit to:

    - The existence of the long-rumored “Blue Room” and its location at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, after years of government denial
    - The Blue Room’s operation from at least 1955 through 1965, and perhaps much earlier and much longer
    - A 35mm film officially taken of the Blue Room, apparently to document the classified contents of what it held
    - Destroying film of the Blue Room (likely after an inquiry about the Blue Room by a ranking US Senator)

    Efforts launched by this author are now opening the door to the Blue Room even further. These new FOIA filings:

    - Name for the first time the little-known agency under which the fabled Blue Room operates
    - Explain how “threats from the realms of air and space” are confirmed to relate to the Blue Room

    It is hoped that these continuing efforts will reveal to us soon just what wondrous things from other worlds are hidden within this most mysterious place."

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    I am posting that interview with former Senator Barry Goldwater.

    Below from Wikipedia:

    Goldwater lost the 1964 presidential election to incumbent Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson by one of the largest landslides in history. Wonder whent that phone call was made, and if prior to 1964 Election.
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