ufos entering alien base-copy.jpgOver the last two years i have found hundreads of intreasting images of strange tunnels,doorways,weird cave entrences and things that do not make sense.Are some of these actually tunnels to alien bases or secret military facilities

The first image i discovered hidden inside a exstinct volcano crater on the west coast of africa.What kind of facilitiy or base is thissecret base.jpg

The second image is one of my favoriet images,It shows ufos coming and going though a secret tunnel in the South American Mountains.I cannot believe the aliens or the goverment did not hide this entrence.Amasing

The third image looks like a ufo parked out side a tunnel doorway.This image i found on mars and the co=ordenance are with this one so you can check it out for your self on google mars.Looks like this photo will not upload for me.