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Thread: More alien bases from google earth

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    More alien bases from google earth

    Hopefully this time i can post the image of the alien base from mars.Sorry it will not unload,Maybe i will post it another time

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    not an admin or moderator here but if you have trouble uploading an image, you can instead upload it to a site like Then, when you make a new post (just reply to this thread), click the Insert Image button on the toolbar, select 'From URL' and enter the address of the image. (TinyPic should give you the address after you uploaded it.)

    You may have problems uploading images on the forum because the forum only accepts images that are below a certain file size and the file you wanted to upload could be larger than that. If you upload it to a third-party image hosting site like TinyPic and link it from there, there will be no such restriction.

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    Yes alot of the google earth images are quite large.I will cut down the size in the furture.Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by gorganthium View Post
    Yes alot of the google earth images are quite large.I will cut down the size in the furture.Thanks
    Co-ordinates, please give us co-ordinates. Thanks.

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    FWIW, the size of a pic file is relative to the type of file it is. I had the same problem to begin with in my downloading, as all of my downloads were png files. These eat up lots of bits. If yours happen to be png files, then you can convert them to jpg, which is way smaller in file size. Click on "save as" and choose jpg as file type, then save.

    Also, if your normal pic screenshot is a png file, you can change that by choosing jpg as your default download type file. That will be in preferences somewhere, depending upon you computer.

    Hope this helps!!!

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