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Thread: ISPs to monitor computers

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    ISPs to monitor computers

    At CNN found this news story: ISPs will start this month, monitoring personal internet usage.

    It starts here, copyright thing... When an ISP server detects an illegal download, they inform the companies of whom, when and where.

    As long as they are at it criminals and mental cases, and inform law enforcement of infractions.

    With same type of reply they always use. Catching bad-people, and making it seem if you do not want your ISP traffic "monitored" then you must be breaking the law...

    Is monitoring ISP numbers another step toward a “hive mind”, yielding first personal freewill then individuality?

    Feel free to quote me, "Is our current economic, political and environmental condition the result of alien interference and or influence of some nature?”
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    Yes it is and we sheepishly follow the path they provide.
    This isn't poetry, this is the language of reality.

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    A 14 year old kid in Sweden will be uploading the software to beat this by tomorrow night.

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