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Thread: Man Allegedly Witnesses Cow Abduction

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    Man Allegedly Witnesses Cow Abduction

    Cattle Abduction UK 2009

    From his lounge window, witness Derek Bridges saw a strange lightform take-off from a local farm field at Laverstoke, when he rushed to grab his handicam in the bedroom and began filming the episode as soon as he could from his window the dark.

    Apart from the little crescent of houses that you can see at the beginning of the film, and some residential roads to the left of where he lives, Overton and Laverstoke are quite rural and comprised of a huge farming complex which contains many field animals including bison, cows, horses and sheep.

    What caught Derek's attention is that usually the area he was watching is near pitch-black dark, so these lights were most unsual indeed.

    At first, he wasn't sure exactly what he was zooming-in on, but realised after a while that this was a glowing, hovering object of some sort. Upon later examination, whilst playing back his film through a tv, he noticed what appeared to be something hanging from the main aerial light. Then during his review he spotted that the object underneath was moving; it looked like an animal! (or possibly even 2), rotating with it's legs kicking, and it was being dragged by the said ufo; then suddenly the 'animal' vanishes from sight, followed by the disappearance of the main light(s).

    There was no noise coming from the aerial object, yet a strange 'trilling' sound is audible on the resulting video, similar to that which is sometimes heard inside crop circles, or just before one is is formed.

    Witness reports that next day state that there was quite a bit of helicopter activity over this if they were searching for something.

    The farmland over which this was filmed contains water buffalo, one of the largest herds in the UK.

    There are no streetlamps or pylons in or near these fields...usually the scene at night there is one of total darknesss.

    This footage is absolutely genuine, (I will stake my reputation on it as Chairman of BEAMS), and it has nothing whatsoever to do with CGI.

    The witness is nearly 70 years old, doesn't own a pc and knows nothing about them,...neither does he WANT to know anything about them! Nor is this Chinese lanterns!

    BEAMS needed a bit more information about the farmer above whose land the object that Derek filmed, was seen, so we began researching.
    It turns out that the network of fields there are owned by former F1 racing driver Jody Scheckter.
    He runs an organic farm called Laverstoke Park, on which are kept the largest herd of water buffalo in the UK, amongst many other animals.

    We contacted the farm today, (20/10/09), to find out if any of their stock was missing, firstly at 11.50am, when they said that they would get back to us...but after waiting an hour and no call from them, we persisted and phoned them back again, asking to speak to Mr Sheckter's PA, and we were successful.

    We explained the situation, saying that "this might sound a bit strange but we have in our possession recent footage taken by a witness in Overton of an unidentified aerial object hovering above Mr Scheckter's farmland, apparently, either floating an animal up to the object, or lowering it down" etc, etc, (fully expecting to hear a loud burst of laughter at the other end), but no, on the contrary, we found the PA to be quite helpful and understanding...much to our amazement!

    He didn't sound that surprised at all about the mutilation scenario, as we explained that not only have farm animals been reported elsewhere in the world being taken up, but that they are often found deposited on the ground as well, having obviously been dropped fom a great height.

    Then we were informed by him that they have had 2 ' cow' deaths on their farmland, for the 29th... next day after the incident, they were discovered in a field just where Derek had been watching over, but he could not be more specific regarding circumstances. The PA also said that he would take a look at our BEAMS site and the alleged abduction footage.

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    The video is grainy making it difficult to see what is going on.
    It was rumored Greys absorb nutrients through their skin, explaining their bad odor.
    Cows are a good source for this, rubbing cows’ blood through their skin thing.
    If there is any truth to this, difficult to say at this point.
    Or it could be research...
    After their done, they dump the carcass out the hatch falling wherever.

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