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Thread: Silent Killer in East Sussex Documentary

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    Silent Killer in East Sussex Documentary

    Horse Mutilation - East Sussex UK August 2010

    Richard D Hall and David Clayton from the APFU are called to investigate a horse mutilation in East Sussex. The carcass displays classic mutilation symptoms. Although not seen on the night if the mutilation, there is nonetheless UFO activity witnessed in the area a few weeks prior.

    The documentary shows excellent footage of UFO activity during a similar investigation. The autopsy report on the dead horse is not made available to the owners or the investigators thereby raising suspicion of a cover up. Two more horse deaths are reported in the same area shortly afterwards, however there is good reason to believe that the perpetrators are not the same.

    Finally Richard Hall makes reference to Philip Duke's hypothesis regarding the incubation of HIV anti-bodies as the possible motivation behind the mutilations.

    An excellent documentary.

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    Thanks for putting up those!
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    It most certainly is. The hypothesis that the mutilations are for monitoring antibodies or virus development I think is near the mark but to what end? Are they trying to develop cures for us or for themselves? Or are they trying to develop infectious agents for use against us? This is where the speculation comes to an end for now. These documentaries represent the cutting edge of the research.

    Also what are the authorities hiding? Why did they not make the autopsy report available?

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