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Thread: Quasi-Alien Mind Manglers

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    Quasi-Alien Mind Manglers

    Every once in a while I'll come across an alien contactee case that has more in common with the phenomenon of demonic, astral parasite, or discarnate entity harassment than aliens.

    What distinguishes these cases it the following:

    1) The phenomenon has little or no objective physical aspect.

    • No third party witnesses, as it's all in the head of the target.
    • No physical impact on the surrounding environment indicating alien presence like footprints, electrical systems being shut down, ground traces by landed ships, humming and vibration.
    • No signs of alien abduction like scars, cuts, scratches, scoop marks, under the skin bumps suggesting implants, missing time, clocks suddenly off, local reported sightings of ships or lights.

    2) What little real aspect exists, is the kind that typifies of ghost / demon / astral entity phenomena. Like seeing shadow beings, crude poltergeist activity, hauntings.

    3) The person targeted seems to have his visual system hijacked.

    • What is seen is then what is shown to the person by these entities. It seems to be internally induced and overlaid upon the person's field of vision, like a hallucination. Hence why what is seen does not affect the physical environment, and why no one else can see the same. This can be used to put the target through all kinds of fantastic experiences, without him ever leaving home.
    • Hijacking visual systems is within the capabilities of skilled nonphysical beings, especially if they find a weak target.

    4) The person is lured into a delusional backstory in which he plays an important role, and through which he can be made to carry out convoluted missions at the command of these entities. The purpose of these missions seems to have no long term strategic payoff as far as the alien agenda is concerned. They seem more for the purposes of opportunistic torture, sadism, sport, entertainment, or simply breaking down the will of the target.

    5) The person would eventually be classified as a paranoid schizophrenic, even though unlike true schizophrenia the phenomenon stops completely if the entities are banished or simply move onto another target. Also, unlike medical schizophrenia, these cases show paranormal activity like the shadow beings.

    6) In many, but not all cases, the entities loosely mimic aspects of aliens -- the way they look, their ships, even their names -- but like a mock-up instead of the real thing, you can't find any internal logic, consistency, or substance to these aspects. Also, the entities can assume any other number of disguises, such as a secret network of psychic human mobsters, or whatever, without any alien element.

    7) In some cases, the person is promised and trained to become a mouthpiece for aliens. The only problem is, their story is so full of holes and delusional that I can't see it doing the alien agenda any good. Therefore I think that's more part of the ego hook for the sake of controlling the person, than part of an alien grooming process to churn out a disinfo agent.

    So either:

    A) these are aliens doing it in their free time for fun

    B) it's nonphysical beings like ghosts or demons who use aspects of the alien phenomenon as a prop to build the particular fantasy that they use to control their targets.

    C) it's aliens simply churning out "noise" to drown out the real alien signal. You know, build a totally confabulated case that has a few elements in common with a legit one, then use it to discredit the latter. I'm open to that possibility, but the demonic/ghost aspect still needs to be explained.

    I'm aware that, as Fore explained, aliens do push fantasy stories upon their abductees and contactees for strategic reasons such as plausible deniability (make the abductee lose credibility and become disposable as needed) and for seeding disinformation. These cases, however, tend to have signs that typically accompany being an abductee.

    At the same time, there are also beings who outwardly project the appearance of alien, but don't show further indication of being alien, but rather demonic or astral parasite. That's why I call them quasi-alien. Once on OMF I started a thread on cryptoterrestrials about this subject, but that term has come to mean other things.

    So I just want to bring up the possibility of occult masqueraders or tricksters who, if they are not alien, are polluting the alien research field with their mimicry. Or if they are alien, then there are some sick puppies up there.

    I'll briefly discuss some examples when I have more time.

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    Very interesting, I'll be waiting for more. I'm interested because I have my own ideas and they aren't far from yours.
    This isn't poetry, this is the language of reality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by norenrad View Post
    Very interesting, I'll be waiting for more. I'm interested because I have my own ideas and they aren't far from yours.
    Cool, everyone's welcome to chime in.


    One recent example is the contactee case of Matti Aladin, whom Neuru mentioned in post #456 of Fore's thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Neuru View Post
    Hi Fore, remember this thread from last December?

    Just today I searched for various combinations of "Matti Aladin" ("Mathew's " real name), "Doram" and "Alfeta" and, among other things, found this:

    It's 36 pages in all. I don't doubt that even if some of its contents are true, there's likely a lot of disinfo in there (I've yet to read it though, this is just prejudice) since Nordics seem to be profuse liars, probably on par with greys or better. Just in case the forum will be down when you check this post, the direct link to the book itself is this (it's mentioned in the first post):
    Key part is where Matti explains how it all started:

    First I had just cone to sleep and the I say a transparent black shadow on the roof, The a woman’s voice asked me “May I come” I vas thinking about a second and said “Yes”, then I had very mild cramp and she probably entered into my body. Then I fell a sleep and next week it started to happen, when I was waiting I light blub a short moment, you know the hue circle it’s always opposite you should see after watching a certain colour, but this was no longer true to me, so I started thinking about it are they going to tell me something about these colours they lasted long and new colours appear when old ones fade, they where very bright, I kept my eyes closed and was thinking “a loud what its this, is this a signal” then they answered to me telepathically “Yes it’s the light language”

    Then we started to talk and she introduced her self I’m Anne and I’m a first contact person. After a while there come male voice and we started to negotiate, he said Anne does not fit to you I give you Maria she is better your type of person, se is a doctor and a technician. This time I released that they have reared my thoughts, but the analyse takes time as they seems not yet know everything about me, that was a mental shock, but I tried to keep thinking they are not earth borne so actual no one knows about me here, and that is what matters.
    Bold part is my emphasis. Shadow being on the ceiling, asking for permission, granted permission, and seemingly entering the body. If you only read that part without knowing the rest of the story, you'd think it's an everyday example of a nonphysical entity attempting to take possession. Except the story is supposedly all about nordic and grey aliens and spaceships.

    Once they had control of his perceptions, he was "permitted to live in their society" and eventually become a starship captain and sector commander. Basically, kept busy and rewarded for obedience with further levels of the game. In reality he never left home. He believed that his consciousness was transplanted to a new body there.

    Then they started thinking about giving me their citizenship and doing me a wide aptitude test.
    The citizenship means that they regularly copy my memory and they have a new body for me in spaceship ready if I need to move there. My askhardfield would move and they would put my memories in the brains of the new body.

    […] “I said to be a captain if the star ship Enterprise” my opinion said “It’s mine job now but you can apply it when it comes available” (= Actual that ship was not Enterprise, it was battle cruise Wolfgang, named after a famous German composer and contact person. the whole ship class carried it’s name it was the first one and the latest ship they had on that time. […]

    As the formal captain moved to technical captain who makes navigations and guides the ship I make all important rules and administrative duties punish crew or decorate it dependence how they did their job. I always used my office among the first contact persons to give reprimands if someone had fighted or insulted others, we did drink some soda, that was paid by me and discus about the matter, most common was sent he guilty opportunists to jail for two hours, that was so mild sentence that it was not booked to persons service records.

    Then there was a problem that the technical captain wanted to smoke on command bridge, I told made there a smoking cabin but they did steal his cigarettes when they where on self there, if he did brig his cigarettes to pride he did smoke there. Well we did solve this but it took time.
    Cigarettes are expensive in these ships. 10% vol alcohol is allowed to crew and officers can get 40% alcohol. Then there are narcotics, they used that name, but actual it’s a happiness pill, you feel very good in it’s influence time, but it does not dope. There are pills from 15 minutes to 16 hours, these are also expensive. This is also possible to give as a distant medicine, so I had a few tries using 15 minutes and 30 minutes doses.
    He was also shown things in his earth surroundings that didn't correspond to things actually happening in physical reality. In other words, internally induced hallucinations:

    First it happen in our balcony, they said protect your eyes as good as you can, I did so and then I saw a bright light coming trough my hands it showed red as the blood is reed so it was so powerfully that it penetrated hands and closed eyes. Then they said you can open your eyes. I watched a fieldfare flying, then that bird when direct hit to a flagstaff, bang and it felt, it seems that it did get blind. Then I heard hand drill noise from the neighbours balcony and I watched there, the drill whet dead and there was a painful noise and he seems to fell and then left the balcony, we don’t have direct vision to he other balconies concentrate element in between them. Then I watched power outlet box 16 Amperes, a smoke rise from it. I was thinking what is this and turned mains switch.

    Second one happened on our balcony. I felt that someone invisible was standing close to me as he moved and made sound, then they used some sort of measuring device to my breath and then I heard a sound of an air vent, they said Zeldar sarin gas for endure. I smell that and it made a funny feeling so I decided to smoke, I take the lighter and fired it, then I heard loud sound “woosh” and like it had cone to ventilation channels to house, then I heard a noise where glass broke and a flat blow up. Then there was a small very bright white orb in our Persian carpet, I thought immediately beemer, take that orb out. Then it disappeared. No one real complained that their flat was exploded or neither fire departments vehicles was not present.
    And lastly, this trick which paranormal entities can do if they have control of your visual systems:

    In that hospital I experienced two more paranormal phenomenon, first they said to me close your eyes, I did. I was amazing when the same room appeared there when my eyes where closed.

    Another example, not involving aliens but showing many of the same traits as the above case, is Susan O'Brien who wrote "Operators and Things: The Inner Life of a Schizophrenic." Link to her Book.


    And another example, now unavailable, was TimeTraveler96 from OMF who deleted all his posts long before OMF itself went offline, so now I can't reference it either way. He came home from work one day, exhausted, sat in his lounge chair outside looking up at the sky. In what was probably a hypnagogic or hypnopompic state he saw what looked like a black alien craft in the sky. He was watching it fascinated, and if I remember correctly tried communicating with it. In the days after, he would stand on his patio looking for them, and often seeing them.

    Well, that started the feedback loop. Over time this grew out of control, and he was being told by them to run around the wilderness, across fields, through thorny bushes, getting ripped up and nearly lost. He was by some busy street and saw their ships over the cars, weird alien devices hanging off light poles, and more. The ships would lead him on, land, wait for him to try and catch them, and then move off further in the distance, taunting him. They said they were testing him, and if he passed, he would become their ambassador to Earth. So like a puppy he followed them all around town and the countryside getting torn up in the process.

    I forget how the story ended, but he caught onto them being manipulative jerks and stepped away from the whole thing. He had JCurcio make some digital drawings of these beings and their ships according to his specifications, and they looked like ant-like grays with tan skin, round black eyes and pointed heads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by montalk View Post
    [...]but the demonic/ghost aspect still needs to be explained.
    Some aliens appear to leave abductees/contactees turned "on" psychically. It may explain the appearance of paranormal entities gathering on the premises.


    Another possible explaination is that Demons are the pre-deluvian hybrids [disincarnates] who are now dead spirts walking the earth (like in the Bible?). Though I have my reservations I think it might be possible.


    Here is one of my musings from trying to unite the Biblical story to the modern world and ET life forms.

    A theory might be that the assumptions we made in Cosmology about there being other life in this Universe is potentially false. Perhaps we are the only ones and the vast Universe is technically empty?

    Maybe the ET are really cast outs from a highly evolved "Super Reality" fulll of UltraTerrestrials. The living UT might be caretakers of various realities below that Super Reality we might call A Heaven. These UT I proprose migtht not use conventional technology like you and I. The multitude of UT might have some level of direct control over reality as Administrators.

    If some of those UT got thrown out millions (or billions) of years ago, they may have had to resort to developing "technology" like we eventually did. They might have used part of their "Heavenly Knowledge" and converted it into material techniques. In the process they may have (as seen in Scripture) attempted to create derivative bodies from the only living life in the cosmos.

    They must have known the Earths location (right?) since they were former Administrators? (well I surmise anyway)

    Maybe that is why the Original UT founder [God?] rejects the souls of the hybrid creations found on Earth? (Simply relagates them to external wandering on the Earth or the "Abyss". ( Yet Another reality)


    Perhaps in the span of time since mans first development, the early genetics of man and animal have been plundered and replanted elsewhere (in the nearby cosmos) in hybridized forms. (so called ?Aliens?) Perhaps that is why they came to Earth thousands of years ago looking like hybrid forms between man and animal?

    If several mixes of hybrid, human and animal DNA were wrought into whole alien civilizations on the nearest star systems near the earth that would explain alot. (Or maybe even on Earth itself)

    If I recall correctly, (someone tell me if I am wrong) there are strange passages in the bible that says that some of the beings that "live below" are Jealous of mankind since we live above. (surface)

    If so, then perhaps Demons are just hybrids that are dead as ghosts. Rejected from "the Heavens". Then in this half composed idea the Aliens are really all hybrids of some sort or another with the original founders being the original outcasts from the UT realm. It may also explain why in some ET circles (including mine) the top tier running the show are depicted as non-physical beings?


    What would be the point of creating hybrids though to replace mankind or supplant us?

    I haven't contrived a good answer in my half cocked contraption of a hypothesis....
    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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    @ Montalk

    Wow, very disturbing stuff. This is either going to be a very great (as in enlightening) thread or a very disturbing one. (either way it makes one pause when you look carefully at how things started out in different cases)

    P.S. Currently reading your site:
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    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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    Quote Originally Posted by montalk View Post

    So either:

    A) these are aliens doing it in their free time for fun

    B) it's nonphysical beings like ghosts or demons who use aspects of the alien phenomenon as a prop to build the particular fantasy that they use to control their targets.

    C) it's aliens simply churning out "noise" to drown out the real alien signal. You know, build a totally confabulated case that has a few elements in common with a legit one, then use it to discredit the latter. I'm open to that possibility, but the demonic/ghost aspect still needs to be explained.
    Just to complete the picture: There is an option D, and that is mind control experiments: bombarding people with subliminal messages. Depending on the existing beliefs a person hold, these messages alter the subject's beliefs and even memories into a set of convictions that can be used to undermine a person's mental health and/or easily discredit the person, should the need ever arise.

    The situation gets even more complicated because some beliefs a person holds can then function as 'receptor sites' for other activity, like demonic, ET, etc.
    An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
    - Jef Mallett

    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
    - Charles Darwin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garuda View Post
    Just to complete the picture: There is an option D, and that is mind control experiments: bombarding people with subliminal messages.
    Exactly. And as Martin Cannon and others have pointed out, there's actual real physical evidence, real congressional testimony and objective confirmation of Option D.

    For me, the only nonhuman intelligence substantiated to date doesn't come from outer space, it's definitely John Keel / Jacques Vallee style demonology.

    It would be wonderful to have confirmation of space aliens, but there isn't a skerrick of evidence for them so far, whereas both MKNAOMI et al and the demonological / "trickster" entities are extremely well documented.

    And not coincidentally, researched by the same psychiatrists.

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    Idea's generated from various sources...

    I think the loosh here is being manipulated by ETs where they have the knowledge and technology to create macro-PK events (materialized psychisms) with it.

    Those ETs can also manipulate our consciousness too in order to effect those experiences that Montalk cited in his post here.

    So why are they doing that?
    To further man's evolution in order to speed up the process to where they are now.

    And why would they bother to be engaged in such activities?
    It's because human-kind is a dangerous species and at the rate we're going now, unless we start evolving into a more altruistic direction, we may end up destroying not only our own planet but the whole the universe too!

    So why don't they just get rid of all of us and start things all over again here?
    I guess that's what they very well may do if we don't shape up.

    At any rate, paranormal and psi events are formed and caused by a trickster intelligence/force or whatever you want to call it. Its role involves the process of destructuring the rationalization of our modern world through the injection of supernatural events.

    And in the process of doing that, imagination comes forth resulting in fresh new ideas and innovations that contribute towards man's evolution not only culturally and spiritually, but also on scientific and technological levels too.

    We are at a tipping point in our evolution now where we can either make it or break it.

    Granted we still have a long way to go before we ever get to the point like where ‘they’ are at in terms of their altruism and transdimensionality, but our exposure to those supernatural and psi events that inject themselves into our rationalized world illuminates us to those futuristic possibilities that are out there especially in the area of UFOs and alternative forms of energy… and things like space travel and medical innovations and cures for diseases like cancer and the list goes on and on.

    The power of thought and imagination is powerful -- and yes, thought and intentions CAN and DO create. The mysteries of the ether that encompasses all creation and is here, there and everywhere where it is the bridge between the physical and the non-physical and it is both but it has yet to be unraveled but we know it is there because we have witnessed it with our own 2 eyes either consciously, unconsciously or both. We are on the threshold of coming close to decoding those mystery’s -- that is, if we don’t destroy ourselves first.

    Ostensibly, when our visitors introduce each new meme into our world, it triggers off our imagination to become actual creators of change that will allow us to someday become a valuable and worthwhile contributing member of the intergalactic community.
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    I "Think" that after watching various Demon(s) and Various ET side by side....there seems to be no resemblance to one another. The only area they seem to overlap on is the capacity for profuse lying and "the fact" that they both use the similar/or same methods for controlling their human subjects. That would be because there is clearly only one system by which it can be performed. (Just as there is only a set number of ways to power a light bulb)

    I am not sure who would win the contest on lying. The ET (especially Grey) are both good and bad liars. The same could be said of Demons with the exception of the very intelligent ones. (They win the cake in some instances)


    As for there not being proof of actual aliens, I think that is very false, there are plenty of machines (such as camcorders and Radar installations, drones etc) that show that while they may not use conventional earthly methods, their technology is pretty conventional in it's own technological paradigm.

    The issue of whether some cases are more paranormal than ET related seemed completely valid to me.


    If you ask a Demon to teach you about biology, chances are he won't answer with anything meaningful that you don't already know.

    If you ask a Grey to teach you biology, you would probably find that the level of knowledge they have is staggering. You'd probably stay up all night researching the highlights of the lessons and verifying the minute details.


    It is pretty shocking, but it seems some cases are more paranormal than actual ET intervention. Though what are the chances that over time an individual won't encounter both to some degree?

    Do highly psychic non-terrestrials visiting a household on a regular schedule attract paranormal spirits? If they, as psychic beings, exert their psychic talent during their visit. Do they attract non-living spirits to the area of the occurrence? If a human psychic does, why wouldn't a psychic ET attract attention?

    Then again, is the same situation conversely true? Would a paranormal group (Like Dr. Greer and his beach sessions) not also eventually attract the notice of passing ET in the area?


    For example, in one of the links that A99 gave me a few days ago, I found a separate link that details a wide array of phenomena that a medium-ship group experienced. One of the phenomena described does not sound like a paranormal phenomena but a technological device scanning the group of members.

    I'll post the link and see if you take notice of what I am referring to.

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    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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    Keep in mind that electrons are both a particle AND a wave.

    "Energy is the capacity of a physical system to perform
    work. Energy exists in several forms such as heat, kinetic or mechanical energy, light, potential energy, electrical, or other forms." wiki
    All of which are composed of electrons hence all of which is composed to particles too.
    In fact protons, electrons and neutrons are elementary particles. There is mass and substance there.

    From whence do these particles come from?

    Nothing is created out of nothing.

    The "energy-based way" is just further up the food chain than the "ectoplasmic-based way" The foundational source of each are one and same though.

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