Article 1:

Who (or What) is Mutilating Cattle in Colorado?
Ranchers in Colorado are on edge following the latest of a series of bizarre attacks on horses and livestock.
According to an article in the Denver Post:
In recent weeks, a horse was shot and had its head skinned at the LeValley Ranch property, which is part of the Esty Ranch holdings about eight miles east of Gunnison. The horse also had its tongue and anus removed. Less than two months ago, a prize heifer in the same heavily traveled area just off of Colorado 50 and Colorado 114 had its tongues, lips and anus removed. "To me it looks like a ritualistic issue. Either that, or they are high on drugs. There is just no logical explanation for it," said Esty Ranch owner Mike Clarke.


Article 2:
Date: 08.14.2012

Argentina: Mass Cattle Mutilations in Formosa
By Andrea Pérez Simondini
We had barely emerged from the commotion caused by cases in Entre Rios when news of a mutilated calf found in Formosa caught our attention.
We are facing a case that suggests many others being hitherto concealed, due to cattlemen’s fear of being exposed to public scorn and ridicule.


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