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Thread: what else could it be?

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    Question what else could it be?

    i am new and dumdfounded can anyone catch these guys on film or just the chosen ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by oso View Post
    i am new and dumdfounded can anyone catch these guys on film or just the chosen ?
    Hi oso, welcome aboard!

    Can you give some more explanation as to what these are, or how / why you took the photos?
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    ok here goes long story but it needs to be out there on sunday 9/2/2012 i drove to albuquerque from roswell to pick up my friends from the airport. on the way back i forgot to fuel up so i wont say exactly where but real close to roswell we ran out of gas .i called a buddy to bring some while waiting first off it was 6:45 p.m or so i noticed some piles of bones on the shoulder no biggy deer or something and a lot of flies i mean like in those feed the children videos just swarmin .of the four of us the passenger "my friend" refused to get out and stretch and it was hot as hell in the car no biggy well there were several trees and a couple of flood tunnels i took a leak on one tree my buddies girl squatted in a tunnel to pee no biggy i noticed the sun setting over capitan and got out my samsung derby phone and snapped one shot as did my friends 1 and 2 no biggy friend 3 showed up with gas and home i went no biggy.well they stayed till the tenth and drove back east with the car i sold them no biggy . a few days later on a drive with another friend i got bored so i played with my phone looking at pics .i didnt know you can zoom but you can and when i came to photo#153 i noticed what looked like a cross in the left corner "strange"i dont remember that then i zoomed it looked funny like shadows and one in the middle pointing up .so when i got home i figured out how to load my pics to my p.c. i have a 32" flatscreen for my monitor when i brought up the pic and zoomed i swear there were all kinds of them winged guy big eyes and jaw ;tree guys ,grey ,green ,the chameleon was unmistakeable .now honestly i never was curious about aliens i thought they were green with big eyes i live in roswell and most of the locals just make money on the whole thing .it gets a lot lot better i called my buddy back east and told him and asked if they had their sunset pics and to send them to me .sure enough 3 pics three different devices .and angles and times all within a minute i would say when i brought theirs up on my 32" the same stuff everywhere and like panoramic as far as positions pic Aleft of tree 1 got the cross and all the "beings" #2 got center of two trees #3 right and chameleon ' fedora guy, brownish reptile face guy with bowl haircut , big head guy in hooded robes, the more i looked the more appeared i actually put tracing paper on my screen and stopped tracing after about 30 images i was gettin scared some people i showed them to totally saw it and a few said it was the pixels or something i understand low pixels can look like stuff but not 3 pics 3cams 3 angles and the exact creatures the pics i posted were just some i zoomed on i didnt know 5 was limit if anyone is interested with part 2 of story gimme a sec i need to smoke and relax a sec lets just say i went back alone last week sunset same trees took 35 sec video and20 pics not only even weirder but im pretty sure i have something huge an invisible craft on film jet sounds field blowing smoke and hundreds of "things ducking in tunnel and the last part of video i still dont recall taking i am scared and you will be a believer after that .breaktime

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    ok prt two like i said i went back there last week took a 35 sec video and 20 pics on the last pic i pointed the cam in the tunnel and got a sense of fear so strong i jumped in my truck and took off home my heart was racing for a few hours after i didnt even view the stuff on my p.c till about midnite and shock comes to mind why me? is all this interdimentional alien roswell stuff real or am i loosing my marbles ok the pics i could rationaly dismiss eyes playing tricks even if my neihgbors seen what i did when i showed them maybe group suggestion or something but the video i have watched on quicktime,real player,windows live,sony ,and samsung pc studio ,at full speed half and frame by frame .even micro soft snippetts and every frame has an image but right at 25 sec the roaring jet ,the sun blots out .the field goes up in smoke i go into i guess shock because my voice changes and i appear to be confused the smoke pouring out of vent pipe and hundreds of "beings running towards me"on film that is i never saw a thing at the time dont remember the roar or smoke or nothing and i lost a few minutes in there bacause video shot at 5:32 and pics at5:43 -5:49 weird i thought i was there like 5 min tops also i phoned a few frriends before i went in case something really happened like me dissapearing the only reason i went back is to hopefully get nothing and ease my mind anyway my phone log doesnt show those calls weird? now i am totally like it is real and they didnt hurt me or is it they Coulnt hurt me are they just there?or following me? im scared and would like some input also i will load the video if smeone asks thanks for your time .i still cant sleep

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    thanks for reading my post it is for real maybe i should just erase all the stuff and try to forget after all im still ok mainly i just was curious if any one had similiar experiences my mind is open a lot more now thanks ,michael ps i wont post video unless you ask

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    Er, Oso, I applaud your attempt to capture photo's of what you were seeing, um, at least you tried and that's all I'm going to say about them but let me give you one tip, don't allow the person who someone somewhere else on the net is commenting on in the quote below ever give his opinion on your photographic material. There are many out there who share the same sentiment about this person. I've replaced his real name with "Boofus" but if you want to know his real name, just PM me and I'll give it to you.

    Boofus is a phony, a liar, a self-important buffoon. He relentlessly dubs himself the world's leading Photoshop expert, yet has to go to South America for dental work because he can't afford U.S. dental work. He is on a search for the financial success which has eluded him his whole life, and his last best hope is trying to make money off their little podcast. Surely you've seen their "ads" appealing for people to sell their shows to terrestrial radio and to hawk commercials for them. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that. But doesn't it give rise to a question? Why is it no one ever heard of Boofus or his remarkable "experiences" until a year ago when he started claiming these absolutely extraordinary occurrences. Where has he been all those decades before his new-found passion for disclosure? Why is it that he never, in all those years before his "disclosures" started a year or so ago, even told his good friend xxxxxxxxx (note: currently ex-friend as in foe), a person he knew to be a long-time "researcher" of paranormal events. Had he ever publicly disclosed these "experiences" anywhere and to anyone before the inevitable, albeit highly unlikely, movement toward a commercial pot of radio gold?
    At the end of the day, Boofus is a danger to any attempt to examine the truth. He is not only duplicitous and disingenuous but his motivations and "experiences" are more suspect than any now in public domain. At arms' length, and looking at all the facts and circumstances, Biedny's claims would immediately be discounted out-of-hand by any thinking person. He is not to be taken seriously. It is only a matter of time before his little house of cards comes crashing down around him. How many ridiculously bizarre stories can he offer before someone starts asking the hard questions...the ones they pretend to ask.
    There's so much negative information on the net about this guy, you just wouldn't believe! And not only that, anyone who he's tried to "team" up with inevitably ends up distancing themselves from this person for reasons stated in the quote above by just one of many who all share the same opinion of him.

    And by the way, here's what "Boofus" says about Paola Harris:

    And we were mean to Paola Harris? The woman is a moron, a detriment to serious discussion of UFOs. She dug her own grave, we just handed her the shovel. She is as ignorant as the day is long, and her research consists of name-dropping and platitudes that are totally meaningless. The xxxxxxx will continue to take down the Paranormal Paparazzi™, we will take no prisoners. You can quote me on that.
    We can thank our lucky stars this guy is no longer on that ufo internet broadcast. Needless to say there was a "falling out" between him and the person who was running that program.

    Here's what someone else said about Boofus:
    Having listened to him assault guests with experiences far less extreme than his own, I questioned how he managed to do that with a straight face. I noted that his experiences had all the hallmarks of a psychotic episode; i.e., a classic break from reality. In his typically outrageous fashion he responded with vulgarity, lies (including that I'd called him a psychotic, as if he's unable to distinguish what I'd said) and relentless deviations from the real issue of his own experiences.
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    Oh, but in actuality though, there ARE special cases when Boofus will jump up and down for joy that something is "authentic" regardless how how blurry or pixelated the images are. Especially if the images have been vetted and deemed authentic by someone like Dr. J. Allen Hynek where all of the other top experts in the UFO field are also claiming the authenticity of those images too. And in this case we are talking about the photographic material that was captured by Dorothy Izatt. The image below is from Dorothy's website and it is one of her best ones. It only appeared in the movie for a few short seconds and it is a close-up what what was seen on play-back.

    So here's another tip. If you want someone like Boofus to authenticate your images, you best have a famous and esteemed Ufologist say that he/she believes the images are authentic where everybody else who is on the same credibility level as an expert too in the field also agree's with that assessment before you have Boofus even look at your material. If there's nothing in it for him to say they are real, then he's going to discredit them in any way possible just for the sheer #%$ of it.

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    Oso, here’s more information on Dorothy Izatt’s material that you may find useful.
    Below is a screenshot from one of Izatt’s films showing those beings she was in contact with walking in what looked like a passageway of light. The image appeared in a flash of blue bright light within a few frames of the footage it showed up in. As is often the case, but by no means “always“, such images are only seen in a frame-by-frame analysis of the footage where one first see’s a flash of light in a frame or two where then in the next frame, the image appears only to completely disappear in the next frame. This type of phenomenon is seen in many footages showing trans-dimensional ’beings’ of one sort or another.

    Below is another screenshot from one of her video’s. She asked ‘them’ what they looked like while she was recording the night sky in her backyard. Then moments later, a face of one of them appeared on the right side of the moon and unlike the previous image I’m showing here that was only seen on playback, the image below was actually seen with her own two eyes at the time when that face appeared.

    Below is an artistic rendering of that face.

    On the left side of the image below, a light appears in just one photogram, leaving no trace. Upper right, Dorothy Izatt with Dr. Hynek, in 1975. Lower right, a zoom-in to Dorothy’s images, where the alleged crew of one of the aircrafts is seen.

    What we are seeing in Dorothy Izatt’s photographic material are "TRANS-DIMENSIONAL BLEED-THROUGH‘S“. The intelligences that are manifesting into our physical realm from another place that is not visible to us with our naked eye USE THEIR OWN TECHNOLOGY ON THEIR END to manipulate the atmospheric "noise" that's available in the immediate physical environment which in turn facilitates them in their efforts be seen in the movies and photograph's. Below is the formula that explains those elements they influence and control to show up in movies and photos:
    atmospheric noise + electric circuitry of the cam + their own EM energy field + stochastic resonance that exists between ’them’ and the photographer or videographer who is recording them.

    Here's a link to more screenshots from Izatt's video's.
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    Below are two screenshots from footage recorded in Turkey of a UFO where "beings" were seen through a portal of that craft:
    In the image below, a face is seen under a bright ball of light.

    Here's another sreenshot from that footage showing those beings sitting chairs in that portal:

    Here's a photo captured by an ET contactee and abductee who is also a well respected moderator in a popular UFO/ET/Conspiracy forum owned by one of the biggest names and author's on those topics.

    The photographic material that I've shown here in this thread are just a few photo's/screenshots/footages captured by UFO/ET experiencer's and proof to the fact
    that these "intelligences' that are not from our world do sometimes allow themselves to be photographed.

    Unfortunately though, there are experiencer's out there who, out of jealousy, often times debunk such evidential material like this because they themselves , for one reason or another, are not able to photograph or record those beings when they show up.

    Because they themselves can't record 'them', they say that they can't be recorded by ANYONE... and of course, nothing could be further from the truth! They will mock such individuals and accuse them of not only fraud (or they will attack the material as not being clear enough or too pixelated and etc...) but as being "Chosen One" wanna-be's and so on. When we see stuff like this going on every now and then in forums where ET experiencer's congregate, one can't help but wonder if the reason why "they" won't show up on film for some of those experiencers who are like that might have something to do with that person's overall character and close-mindedness and that "they" will only show up on film to those who are not so invested in their own ego's.

    There have even been cases when some of these individuals will go so far as to edit those images to make them less clear and fuzzier where they will then post them on forums saying that it's the "orignal" image or footage and that the experiencer is only showing a heavily edited version of that photo or footage. They will lie and do everything possible to prove to everybody that the experiencer who can photograph them is a fraud. This is why most of us who have evidential material of this sort will refrain from posting them anywhere on the internet. This is very unfortunate.
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    (re-posting this one to fill in text that I meant to type in at the end of the first sentence in the comment below that is a caption of the images shown below it.)
    On the left side of the image below, a light appears in just one photogram, leaving no trace of it in the next frame. Upper right, Dorothy Izatt with Dr. Hynek, in 1975. Lower right, a zoom-in to Dorothy’s images, where the alleged crew of one of the aircrafts is seen.

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