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Thread: Another Tall White Visitation

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    Another Tall White Visitation

    The other night I was visited by what looked like a full materialization of a Tall White that was wearing a red mask over its eyes. I have seen the backside of this, or another similar being, before in the past just as I was entering my bedroom one time where it was exiting via my walk-in closet. This happened last year a few months after my son saw what sounded like a Tall White that was standing next to a tree in his dad's back yard. He was looking out a window in his dad's house when he saw it.

    But back to what happened a few nights ago. By the time I climbed into bed that night, I was already hearing those noises that I always hear whenever there are unseen presences around. Those who experience the same kind of thing know what I'm talking about. In this case though, there was also a low vibrating almost motor-like sound too ... hard to describe but this was not the first time I've ever heard something like that.

    There was also an odor in the room that was gradually building up. It's a very unpleasant one that smells like rotting meat and I've experienced this kind of thing a number of times before in the past. But even though all of this was going on, I was not expecting anything to show up because most of the time nothing goes beyond what I just described above. And when that odor comes.. I just light up some incense and do a quick banishing prayer for everything to stop... and usually it does though it may take a half hour or a little longer till it does. But sometimes that odor will linger on for a lot longer so I've had that happen too but usually it stops after I do a banishing.

    So I was laying there in bed, debating whether or not to jump back out and get an incense stick to light up on my night stand to get rid of it after doing a banishing. I was wide awake tossing and turning but I needed to get a good nights sleep because I had a busy day ahead of me.

    So I'm laying there on my side facing the wall where I then flip over to my other side that faces the door and just when I was doing that, when I opened my eyes, I saw a Tall White standing there by the side of my bed looking down at me where it then cocked its head to the side and then disappeared. It looked very solid... so much so, it did not look like anything I could put my hand through. But it was wearing a semi-transparent red cover over it's eyes so I can't describe what they looked like for that reason though except that they looked slanted. I had a red light bulb in my lamp on the table next to my bed and it seemed like the covering over that beings eyes had taken on the color of the light of that lamp. It was not wearing anything... it was all white but I could detect what looked like a mouth. It also seemed to have a 'hair-do', that I could only see the outline of but, strangely enough, it looked like an old ladies kind of 'poof-do'. That's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that.
    Below is a sketch of it that I drew out later that same night. I only saw it for a few seconds but long enough to see some of its details.

    The first thing I said when I saw it was "OMG!“ It startled me, of course but everything happened so quickly, I didn't have time to really react but as soon as it disappeared, I sprang out of bed and lit up some incense... then I stayed up for the rest of the night where I finally turned back in again around 4 in the morning.

    More on the covering over its eyes:
    It looked like a semi-transparent fabric but it also looked like the area just below the ‘fabric’ that was over its eyes was smeared with red paint... and there were tiny red dots too. On the other hand, it could be that it was not paint at all ... maybe that part of its face was soaking in or reflecting the red light from the lamp which indicates that there was differentiation in the surface composition or texture between the area around its eyes and the rest of its face that remained just as white as the rest of it.

    When it cocked its head to the side, it looked like it smiled. But what’s weird about this is that last year, a reptilian being popped in one night, just as I was walking into my bedroom where it too cocked its head the same way and smiled too.

    So are they the same beings and is it some kind of shape-shifter that first showed up looking like a reptilian where it now is showing up looking like a Tall White? Or is it just a coincidence that both beings did the same thing when they popped in?

    Also, I’ve never seen a Tall White in any of my lucid dreams or regular dreams for that matter or in any of mind’s eye visions while meditating. But because my son saw the same kind of being standing next to a tree last year which was the first time he had ever seen anything so out of the ordinary like that, one that he described as a tall “man” that was completely white, and because, since then, I’ve seen it twice, I think it’s connected in some way to both of us. However, having said this, I’m very frightened for my son because if he saw it one time... does that mean that he’s going to see it again sometime? But there are a lot of other things I’m concerned about too that I will not go into now.

    Additional thoughts:
    It could be that it already knew that that one reptilian being cocked its head and smiled when it appeared to me that one time so “it”, the Tall White”, did the same thing perhaps to let me know that it knew what happened during that incident.

    And just another thought about why it had it’s eye’s covered when it showed up the other night... it could be that it knew that it would frighten me too much if I saw its eyes hence why it had them covered. But another reason why it had them covered could mean that its eyes are very sensitive to red light.

    Of course, the big question I’m asking about all of this is what’s going on here? What is the purpose of such visitations and what is the message they are trying to convey to me? In the meantime, because of this most recent visit, I will be keeping a loaded camera nearby just in case “it” shows up again. I will also be taking pics even if I sense it is around me at any given time.

    I forgot to say that "it" seemed to be glowing from the inside.
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    Additional informaiton:
    The Smile:
    It was a Cheshire cat kind of smile, not unlike the same one that that reptilian gave me when it popped in last year only that ones smile was much creepier. The Tall White seemed toothless whereas the Reptilian had a mouth full of spiked teeth...

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    The drawing gives me an impression of something youthful looking. Is that right?

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    I couldn't tell what it's age was but I assumed it was a male even though there was no way to tell what its sex was. Nor did I get any kind of telepathic message either. When it showed up, it was moving its arms and seemed to sway a bit so it was not just standing there straight and still. It was tall with a very long neck and bent over a little too while it was looking down at me giving me the impression that his body was very flexible. But when I see things like this, it takes me days to process it. I mean, even if I saw stuff like this all the time, I will never get used to it... it's just too waaaay out there. And I can honestly say that I feel very isolated when I have such experiences like this because I don't know anyone else who is currently having them. Sure, there are those who have had experiences of seeing ET-like beings years ago, but no one that I know who is currently having such face to face encounters like I have been over the past few years now. And by encounters, I mean with beings that are showing up in what look like full materialization's when one is wide awake and is not in any altered state of consciousness.
    At any rate, I wonder what's going on? One the reasons why I'm making such a fool out of myself by posting all of this stuff is because maybe my own current experiences are just a prelude for what's coming up. Maybe our visitors are going to start showing up the way they are showing up for me to more and more people so as to acclimate the general population about the reality of their existence.
    I guess time will tell but I'm always on the look out for new people who have never had any ET encounters before who then report in forums like this one that they have seen a full materialization of one appear in front of them very recently. From there I would like to compare notes. But once again, I definitely think that 'they' are getting ready to reveal themselves if not on a mass scale, at least on a one on one basis. But they will probably first only show up to those who will be able to emotionally handle such encounters as I can't see that they would appear, out of the blue, to those who they suspect would end up having an emotional break-down of some sort due to such encounters of them.
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    If I remember right, I read somewhere that a couple of cosmonauts saw a couple of tall glowing beings that smiled at them.
    This isn't poetry, this is the language of reality.

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    Intriguing! Thanks for sharing that.

    Just to avoid confusion: this is not the type of 'Tall Whites' that Charles Hall describes.
    Judging from its appearance it's more a Tall Grey with white skin.

    (The term 'Greys' is actually misleading because some of them are brown, pale green, blue, or white ... Yet they're all called Greys).
    An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
    - Jef Mallett

    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
    - Charles Darwin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garuda View Post
    Intriguing! Thanks for sharing that.

    Just to avoid confusion: this is not the type of 'Tall Whites' that Charles Hall describes.
    Judging from its appearance it's more a Tall Grey with white skin.

    (The term 'Greys' is actually misleading because some of them are brown, pale green, blue, or white ... Yet they're all called Greys).
    Charles Hall's Tall Whites seem to be almost unique. I found his story to be very credible, although I'd love to see some vetting of the experiences of other guards there that he refers to in his narrative. Yet, no one else seems to encounter the Tall Whites in anything like the manner he says that he did.

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    Thanks Garuda for pointing that and it makes sense too!

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    Does anyone have any any idea what it's like to turn around or glance over or open their eyes only to see something there that's totally unexpected and how it catches you completely off-guard and by surprise to the extent that you JOLT off the ground or off your chair or up into mid-air if you're laying down when that happens no matter what it is that is there? And can you imagine if it's something that's so bizarre, like a strange creature as opposed to say... a normal human being, how much MORE of a jolt one would have in such a situation? That's what I experienced last week when that tall white grey was there when I opened my eyes while I was flipping over to my other side in my bed. I mean, truth be told, when I saw 'it', I nearly had a heart attack because that's just how SHOCKING it was to see something like that standing by my bed! I said before that I said "OMG" when I saw it and in fact I did, but truth be told, just the unexpectedness of it being there when I opened my eye's was, quite frankly, beyond description. lol. Just thought I would mention this.

    Hello-oh, knock, knock!
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    I have never had that happen but I can tell you that it is the response of a person to a real event, not just imagination. I have had things startle me and seen things for a second that were shadows, etc. but nothing terrifyingly non-human like that

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