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Thread: Another Tall White Visitation

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    I wouldn't say taller, no, but the face was wider / larger (not by much). It was a different shape too, more round and full. Less angular than the man's face. He was boyish looking, not manly, but definitely an adult and not a teenager. What impressed me the most was that it was stark white and it appeared very quickly.

    If "demons" can possess humans, then why couldn't "aliens" / extraterrestrials? I have sooo many questions.

    Are there people who are able to see, and experience, and people who just can't and don't? What makes an experiencer an experiencer, vs non-experiencers? What is it about us? What is it about non-experiencers (and I wonder if that is the more important question). Could it be said that an ET was "possessing" that man, cohabiting in his body? Is that why there is a link between "demons" and "aliens"? My goal is to be able to discern and distinguish between the two life forms because I do not think they are two in the same. I don't do much research at all but I have heard about this "demon" thing and for some reason, it really irks me.

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    That's pretty weird. I think aliens can sometimes take over a person, overshadow them similar to possession, if the person doesn't have some sort of protection or energetic defence blocking it. Demons are different from aliens. There's a thread with some good points about the differences here:
    "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock."

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    Interesting. So it seems like there are three primary experiences:

    1. aliens / extraterrestrials
    2. demons
    3. mental illness

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