Small point, cook is not the word you want to use, kook is rather the word and it is just a small point. Interesting what is being said here, keep relating the story please. I hope that whatever blowback may develop will be not harmful or delay it's place in the greater disclosure. Thanks.
Thx for picking up on that, I must of read that over about 5x—Funny how the brain works.


Stunning revelations Keep us up to date Atmjjc.
Any clues as to what these groups are called and where and when they are from?

Hope the meeting goes well.
Also in what capacity are you attending?

Can't help thinking certain groups want to claim our potential ascension as theirs because they have manipulated us is this the case?
These things are absolute are they not?
Many of what you perceive as aliens has roots here on earth and many others from other planets similar to earth. They view us as beasts of the field who have not reached full potential and incapable of understanding the main fundamentals of comparative cognition of the bigger picture due to the specific coding of our being which inevitably will reach its trigger point of understanding thru time or evolution if you prefer that word.

I would be considered a liaison of a type of alien in human form, as a human from a different time and universe; a communication hub so to speak with connection to two universes. I hold no weight in any decision making but can only try to persuade or influence certain events with an outcome based on probabilities.

There is nothing absolute, only probable.



How come none of your consciousness material (thought content) never speaks about your time travel experiences?

Is it a case of you just not dwelling on that subject over the years?
I thought it was just kind of odd and out of place and character and thought it prudent to ask.
Scratching my head… I think I get your meaning but since you were around during the OM years my thread was called “time traveling new member” with over 15000 views if I recall correctly in which I explained the basics.

The transition from OM to the Outpost forum I turned my attention to other interests. IN OM, in that thread, there was more than a 90% probability that AI would intercept messages about 300 years from now from data acquired thru NSA data banks long forgotten in their tremendous volumes of data which were of interests only to my alien counter parts directed towards AI. I only carry out orders not knowing why of the particulars.