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Thread: Time Travel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    Somebody should have asked him who Biden chooses as his running mate. That's probably be the soonest future event to come up that he may know.
    Good question for the time traveler Wally, but if he is a fake, he might simply pull answers from the newspaper.
    Heard a news story last week, said Biden was "vetting" Amy Klobuchar.
    Maybe a more pointed question that is not apparent. Like; will Biden win a second term?
    How does future History best remember President Trump? Economic genius? Foreign/domestic relations failure?

    Another unrelated question worth asking:
    What is the state of Disclosure in 2046? Is ET openly among us?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    Another question to ask - How many people does Covid 19 end up infecting and killing?
    Guessing this may be an open ended question.
    Like How many people will influenza end up killing?
    The "gift" that keeps on giving.
    That is to say COVID-19 may be with us for a long time, just not as widespread as vaccines are developed and herd immunity spreads.
    Perhaps ask Mr Time traveler; Will a safe and effective vaccine be mass produced by the end of 2019, BEFORE 2020 arrives?
    Will the vaccine be as helpful as we hope, in stemming the pandemic?
    The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but
    progress. -- Joseph Joubert
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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    He was back yesterday evening. Any chance of an update Arkki?
    Sure. Sorry, didn't get there in time to ask these questions. I think this update makes it more grim. There answers cover mainly about how the war will go for Finland, and the usual 4channish topics.

    War and Finland

    2023: War of Europe
    2023: Russia joins the war.
    2024: Russia leaves/separates from the war and peace.
    2025: Finland leaves/separates from the war of Europe.
    2027: Union of North-Europe is formed
    2031-32: Famine years
    2041: Technology-trade agreemet with Norther European Union and Western-Free America.

    - War of Europe will start in fall 2023. Maybe historically one could say that the conflict started already after WW2 when the European Union was formed.
    - Participants in the War of Europe: Revolutionaries, being the poor "nations" that cannot produce products of real value versus nations that produce things of true/real value.
    - Yes, you (the finnish question asker), will likely get to war and thank you for your sacrifices before hand.
    - By sacrifice he means the usual stuff: giving your life, getting maimed, being vicim of ab terror attact, losing your properties - what is new that this conflict will tear close and wide family bonds bacause of the differences in positions in political faultlines.
    - Finland will go to war by radicals starting an armed revolution, it will be repelled, and in revenge to mass executions done in Helsinki, France will do an air strike to Helsinki starting the actual war.
    - Helsinki will suffer pretty badly of the war but is now mostly rebuilt.
    - Finglish (mix between finnish and english) is really widely spread in Finland and it hurts his brains.
    - Veterans will be remembered with stone monnuments. Maimed vetarns will have new limbs grown to replace the lost ones, but this came with issues - seemed that once this technology was available, the body image of the veterans was not taken to account enough and many of them didn't really want them new limbs and cut them off.
    - Karelia/ (region lost to Russia in WW2) is still the same: Forests, alination, more forests.
    - Doesn't know anything else about the current prime minister of Finland Sanna Marin, than what he has read from the internet of our now.

    - No alien contact (again)
    - Gays and trans exist but not in the same numbers as in 2020. Only the real cases, not so many mental cases/misdiagnosed as today.
    - Sweden will have mostly black population. He doesn't see this as any way meaningful issue.
    - Jews still exist and there is nothing wrong with them as people. The fact that some individuals were horrible does not make the whole group bad.
    - Racism is legal but no-one really values such opinions.
    - What he wonders about 2020 is amount of mental illness and racism, but that is more understandable as you(we) haven't yet to separate between responsibilities of groups and individuals.
    - Extinct current animals: wolverine is an example that is constantly brought up.
    - Near East in 2046 suffers from overpopulation, starvation and war
    - EU wont exist in 2046
    - Globally, there are many large currencies, none will be as dominant as dollar is today.
    - About global immigration, could you just travel from Finland to Iraq and settle there? - no, you would be killed on the way for being a finn.
    - Fission is the most common way of producing energy.
    - He can't affect the time before the moment he left, only to time after the point where he left / returns to
    - Cars are 90% in shared/communal use. Guns are legal but you must have clear purpose for them and this is being tracked.
    - We've also landed (again) to the moon.

    In the end he says that he returns now to his own time, thanks for being able to discuss with us, wishes us strenght to the coming cataclysms, thanks us before hand for our sacrifices.

    Phew. Well, that is very war-prone vision of the near future. Oh, Russia... sheesh.
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    Here is the timetraveller insignia- image saved as the original thread will disappear in week or few.
    Is that familiar from Titor or somesuch? Looks vaguely familiar but I can't place it anywhere.

    Better translations to above that I was too late to edit: _Wihtdraw_ from war, products of _tangible_ value,
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    It sounds less and less convincing doesn't feel genuine to me.
    A google image search should kick something up on the logo

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    Titor used the same logo

    Which makes him even more suspect.

    There's something about these time traveler claims that makes them incredibly appealing. Kind of like a free ticket go to a crystal ball reader. You hope there's a real chance you might get something for nothing.
    And because you have next to nothing to check the claims against - it drags you in further. You eventually wake up and think what was all that about
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    I agree. Though he said that the Titor was part of the same agency (but earlier traveller) so the story for using the same logo checks on that regard. The view offered is tempting and stretchingly plausible, extrapolating from from current geopolitics and tech no aliens, no fusion, just humans doing war as usual. But then it is bit dramatic to swallpw that in bit over 3 years, in Finland, there would attempted armed revolution followed by mass executions followed by revenge air-strike from France! That would take such fast developements in the grand stage that I drop off this ride.

    Also a big give-away is that he hints more than say: why not list bunch of nations for each side instead of giving a cryptic answer open to interpretations? That is exactly the kind stringing along I expect from storyteller trying hook the audiences.

    But well, living in Finland, one can never be too reminded to keep alert in case the bear of the East tries strech its paws again.
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    Checking back to this two year old time-traveler post from 2020.
    Got right: Trump lost

    Likely: Biden has only one term.
    Likely: Next president of Finland is Matti Vanhanen

    Plausible: Corona riots and poverty will lead to civil war in USA
    Plausible: nicotine ban
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